Focus T25 Alpha Day 5

January 16, 2017 in Fitness

Lower Focus

Equipment: Nada

It’s Friday and a three day weekend. The down side is Aunt Flo came into town on her broom stick; I am exhausted and my body aches. I still have to get my workout done.

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Lower Focus wasn’t as bad as I expected.  My thighs burned. I can not pin point the exact muscle but I would be safe to say from my waist down trembled. Literally…

The workout consisted of a lot of squats, lunges and a small amount of floor work  it between sets/rounds there is a cardio break.  Many of the moves in this video were not modified. A squat is a squat, there isn’t any modifying that.

I didn’t experience any soreness in my lower body the following day.  Over all for the first week it went smoothly. I did not do the second workout because Auny Flo had me in bed self medicating.

I haven’t been adding my carlories burned because of inaccurate readings.  I used my Apple Watch Seris 2 and Polar FT4.

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